Priest Guide of Knight(part five)

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Priest Guide of Knight(part five) Empty Priest Guide of Knight(part five)

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Priests: br
Do the New Warrior's Quest as with the other classes, to get a maul. Get the cheapest shield ASAP. Aim for a maul with decent damage, and a large shield. You have little experience with clerics, especially when any good priest wants to add to this guide please post on this topic or PM you.
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b u Section Seven: Leveling/Quest(knight online gold) Guide/u /b br
This is a basic general outline for all the classes: br

b Level One: /b br
You will start out in Moradon. Here you can enjoy professional Knight powerleveling. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the controls. Then, open up your inventory by either pressing you on the keyboard or click on the Inventory button at the bottom of the screen. Equip the knife/staff/maul/sword by right-clicking on it. Run forward then left down the stairs. Go out into an area with a bunch of worms. Ignore the "Snatchers," "Carrion Crawlers," and "Bandicoots" for now. Find the "Worm" monster. Target it and hit the "R" button on your keyboard to attack it. If you are a mage don't attack it directly. Instead, open up the Skills menu and drag and drop the icon for the "Flash" spell onto the hotbar. Now select the worm and press the corresponding hotkey. Your mage will do a casting animation and the worm will die in one hit. Run up to the worm and click on the little treasure chest that pops out, and click on all the items in it. You will always get a little money, and sometimes an item. Right now you are looking for an item called the "Silk Bundle." Keep killing worms until you have five silk bundles. As you kill worms, notice that the little white bar in the upper left corner keeps growing. This is how close you are to leveling up. If the bar hits 100%, a while aura will form on your character and you will gain a level, some HP and Mana, along with 3 stat points, as well as 2 skill points if you are over level 10 . If your health runs low, type "C" to rest and regain health and mana. When you get five silk bundles, type /town to get back to the middle of town. Find the NPC called Proconsul and left click then right click on him. If there is some idiot standing on him, hit "B" to select the nearest NPC. Select "New Warrior’s Mission" then "you have brought the items" on the menu that pops up. You have completed your first quest. You will get a knife/maul/staff/sword depending on your class, 10 HP and 10 mana potions, along with some experience points.

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