Complete Knight Newbie Guide(part five)

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Complete Knight Newbie Guide(part five) Empty Complete Knight Newbie Guide(part five)

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Hello old and new friends, here is Mmooffers!

We collect some Complete Knight Newbie's Guide for you. If you have no time to earn the cheapest Knight Gold,you can buy it from our website at the lowest price. We will try our best to help you.

However, there are a few note-worthy points. By the way, if you want to buy cheap knight online noah, please go to our site and have a look, we have enough stock anytime. El Morad characters make better rogues early on, because they have 10 Dexterity over their Karus counterparts, who have 5 more health and Strength (comparing male to male) (Female El Morad to Male Karus the Male Karus would be a better choice, because Intellect is useless to rogues). It all balances out at the end though (except the Intellect thing, but a few less points in Dex probably won't make a difference at higher levels).
b uSection Three: Class Selection/Point Distribution</u></b><br>
bEl Morad/bbr
i Barbarian – Initial Stats/ibr
65 STR br
65 HP br
50 MP br
50 INT br
60 DEX br

If you are still in search of professional Knight powerleveling, please come here and you can enjoy the best service at any time. We are online 24 hours everyday.

Thank you for reading and have fun.


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